January 21, 2012

CFP: 2012 ISRLC Conference, University of Copenhagen

2012 ISRLC Conference, University of Copenhagen

19th – 21st October

Abstracts are now being sought for a panel on Continental Philosophy at the 2012 International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture conference taking place at the University of Copenhagen next October on the topic, “Cultures of Transition: Presence, Absence, Memory”.

Continental Philosophy and Religion Panel

Panel-convenors: Andrew Hass and Daniel Whistler

“But, my friend, we have come too late. Though the gods are living,

Over our heads they live, up in a different world” (Hölderlin, Brot und Wein)

Hölderlin’s experience of religious absence, of living in a world made destitute by the flight of the divine, resonates in the work of Schelling, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Derrida, and Nancy, among other European thinkers. More generally, presence and absence – ‘what is there’ and ‘what is not there’ – orient many of the major conceptual pairs of modern philosophy: being and nothingness, affirmation and negation, immanence and transcendence, speculation and

critique, logocentrism and deconstruction, male and female, etc. The panel invites submissions that rethink and re-evaluate these philosophical binaries or apply them, in modulated or problematic ways, to the themes and practices of and within religion and art. We especially welcome submissions that interrogate the modes of transition (dialectical or otherwise) between presence, absence and their corollaries.

Contributors should aim to deliver a 20 minute paper. Deadline for submission of 300-word abstract: March 31, 2012.

Please see the conference website for more details on submitting abstracts and the call for papers for other panels running at the conference (including critical theory and continental philosophy of religion). Bursaries for postgraduate students are available.


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