February 25, 2012

The Space – new graduate journal

The Space – Graduate Journal

The Space: Graduate Journal http://www.openhumanitiesalliance.org/journals/ts

Volume one of The Space, an international, multilingual graduate journal. Its main aim is to provide graduate students and recent graduates with a space for disseminating high-quality graduate-level research. The Journal is interested in a variety of topics and it welcomes interdisciplinary works in such disciplines as: anthropology, art history, cultural studies, development studies, gender studies, history, philosophy, political science, sociology and more (see website for the full list of disciplines). The Space aims to represent the full range of methodological  approaches

All articles in this Journal undergo peer review, based on double-blind review by two anonymous referees. The Space provides open (free) access to its contents and all articles published in this Journal are licenced under a Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND 3.0.

The Space

Vol 1 (2012)

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