Moritz F. Klenk

I was born in Nuremberg (Germany), studied at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and the University of Edinburgh (UK), I am currently working as a research assistant and lecturer at at the University Witten/Herdecke (Germany), where I am also doing a PhD at the chair for cultural theory (and management) of Prof. Dirk Baecker on ‘form and forms of communication of truth under conditions of the Internet’ (working title).

I consider myself very lucky that I can do for living, what I would try to do anyways, so please don’t ask my why I am always working. Most of the time I am reading; mostly social theory, philosophy, sociology of science, theory of science, theory of religion, or Internet studies stuff, following sociological blogs, some tech blogs, etc. Rarely I am writing, too, yet, most writing goes unseen straight into my zettelkasten. I love, collect, read and write into many books.

You can find my weblog at where I am blogging about social and cultural theory, science & religion, academic research and teaching online, and what recently has emerged as digital humanities. I am always up for a great discussion, both on- and offline.

Recently, I began podcasting (in German) at the TheorieKritik podcast. Please subscribe, comment or get involved, if you are interested. Also, see my page.