February 1, 2012

Call For Papers: First MIRI Workshop: Materiality of the Islamic Rural Economy

University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark,24-25 August, 2012
Submission deadline: 29 February, 2012
Islam has been frequently characterised as an urban religion, with the rural world being cast in a lesser or supporting role in Islamic societies. Landscape archaeology has drawn attention to the need for off-site investigation in many areas of the Islamic world, but focused studies of the extra-urban economic infrastructure of Islamic societies have only recently gathered pace. Archaeological work is helping show that rather than being peripheral, the countryside was frequently the engine of economic activity and was the theatre of agricultural and technical innovations that were intrinsically linked to urban centres and interregional networks. Just as the presence of the new religion of Islam in cities is increasingly viewed in the context of long and complex processes of urban change, in rural areas archaeological evidence encourages an equally nuanced reading of changing cultural and religious practices after the middle of the seventh century. Modern agrarian practices are rapidly changing and as a result the available data concerning this component of socio-economic activity is being lost.

This workshop proposes an assessment of the state-of-play in rural Islamic archaeology, inviting contributions from interested researchers currently working on aspects of rural economies. New research will be privileged and it is hoped that some funds will be available to enable scholars from MENA countries and Central Asia to attend. Papers from across the entirety of the historical Islamic world are encouraged, and those which examine diverse time periods, from the Arab conquests until the modern era. Contributions from doctoral students presenting new research are welcomed.

Please submit a working title and abstract (200-300 words) to the organisers: mcphillips@hum.ku.dkpaulw@hum.ku.dklblanke@hum.ku.dk

For further information, visit: http://miri.ku.dk/calendar/workshop2012/


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