August 6, 2012

The Religious Studies Project at a Glance: An Archive

The Religious Studies Project has been on the go since January 2012 and, as such, we have accumulated quite a vast range of material already. We wanted to give you, our audience, an easy way to access everything that we have done in the one place, so that you can find material quickly, and easily share this information with friends and colleagues. We’ll try to keep this archive as up-to-date as possible, and to expand it to include themes for easier browsing. But, for now, please see below for links to all of our compilation podcasts, interviews, roundtable discussions, features essays and useful resources.

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Compilation Podcasts:

What is the Future of Religious Studies?

James Cox, Carole Cusack, Armin Geertz, Bettina Schmidt, Donald Wiebe, Graham Harvey, Markus Davidsen, and George Chryssides

Should Scholars of Religion be Critics or Caretakers?

Grace Davie, Steven Sutcliffe, Eileen Barker, Linda Woodhead, Timothy Fitzgerald, Lois Lee, Jolyon Mitchell, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, and Russell McCutcheon

What is the Public Benefit of the Study of Religion?

Bettina Schmidt, Nicholas Campion, J. Gordon Melton, Tim Jensen, Kim Knott, Marion Bowman, Wouter Hanegraaff, Naomi Goldenberg and Suzanne Owen

After the World Religions Paradigm…?

Peter Beyer, James Cox, Mark Juergensmeyer, Craig Martin, Suzanne Owen, Steven Sutcliffe


  • Series: Material/Embodied Religion
  • Series: New Religious Movements
  • Series: The Sacred
  • Book Reviews I, David Wilson, Christopher Cotter, Jonathan Tuckett, David Robertson
  • Series: New Religious Movements II


  • Series: Religion in a Global Context
  • Series: The Psychology of Religion
  • Series: Religion in Secular Society
  • Series: Religion and Cultural Production
  • Series: Religion, Migration and Diaspora
  • Series: Theorists


  • Series: Origins

Roundtable Discussions:

What is the Future of Religious Studies?

Christopher Cotter, Ethan Quillen, David Robertson, Liam Sutherland and Jonathan Tuckett, Kevin Whitesides

Can We Trust the Social Sciences?

Katie Aston, Christopher R. Cotter, Matthew Francis, Ethan Gjerset Quillen, David Robertson, Kevin Whitesides

Should Religious Studies be Multidisciplinary?

Krittika Bhattacharjee, Maegan C. M. Gilliland, Ethan Gjerset Quillen, Liam Sutherland, Jonathan Tuckett, Elizabeth Ursic, Kevin Whitesides

Critics or Caretakers?

Katie Aston, Anna Clot i Garrell, Christopher Cotter, Ting Guo, Ethan Quillen, David Robertson and Jonathan Tuckett

Building an Academic Career

Louise Connelly, Christopher Cotter, Carole Cusack, David Robertson, Jonathan Tuckett, Kevin Whitesides

Studying Nonreligion within Religious Studies

Louise Connelly, Christopher Cotter, Frans Jespers, Ethan Quillen, Steven Sutcliffe, Teemu Taira

Academic Publishing

Zoe Alderton, Sarah K. Balstrup, Carole Cusack, George Ioannides, Alex Norman, Simon Theobald

Cross-Cultural Identities

 Isabel Cabana Rojas, Jasjit Singh, Paul-Francois Tremlett, Marta Turkot

Identity or Identification?

Russell T. McCutcheon, K. Meirinda Simmons, Monica R. Miller, Craig Marin, Steven Ramey, Leslie Durrough Smith, Vaia Touna

Material Religion

Christopher Cotter, Rachel Hanneman, George Ioannides, David Robertson, David Wilson

Academic Credibility beyond World Religions

Christopher Cotter, Ethan Quillen, David Robertson, Liam Sutherland and Jonathan Tuckett, Kevin Whitesides

Digital Religious Studies

David McConeghy. Hussein Rashid, Jeri Wieringa, Chris Cantwell, Lincoln Mullen, Nathan Schneider




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  1. musa adesina abdu-raheem

    Thanks for this information. I also appreciate your contributions to the cause of Religious Studies.



  2. Caroline

    Thank you for providing these excellent podcasts. I have advertised your website and put a link to the poster on my blog ThinkRights ( which explores the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


    1. Post Author chris

      Thanks for the promotion and enthusiasm, Caroline. I’ve posted a link to your site via our Twitter and Facebook, also 🙂


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